Monday 2 December 2013

Record of the Week: Violet Liturgical Vestments

Often when people think of archives, they think of boxes full of paper. We do have lots of those, but we also have photographs, objects and textiles that help tell the story of the Archdiocese.

This week's Record of the Week is a good example of part of our Textiles collection which we chose because yesterday was the First Sunday in Advent.

In the Catholic Church, the colours of the vestments that priests and deacons wear and the cloth on the altar correspond to certain liturgical seasons. For Advent and Lent the colour is violet, which represents penitence and preparation for the coming of Christ.

The vestments below were brought to the Archives after a fire at St. Margaret's Church in Midland in 1986. They are an older style which was in use prior to the Second Vatican Council.

Roman Fiddleback Chasuble
Clockwise from the top: Veil, Stole, Burse, and Maniple

Check out the Vatican website for more information about Liturgical Vestments.

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