Sunday 20 April 2014

Record of the Week: Happy Easter! cards

A happy and blessed Easter from the ARCAT family to your family! What a better way to send our greetings than with a collection of vintage Easter cards from the 1940s, '50s and '60s from the Cardinal McGuigan Fonds?

"May the Giver of Gifts give unto you 
An Easter that's blessed 
the whole day through, 
And then, through the days of the springtime too, 
The will to help
and the courage to do,
A heart that can sing
each day anew,
Whether the skies are gray
or blue...
May the Giver of Gifts
give these to you."

"May God be ever near to you
And may His love impart
The holy peace of Easter time to dwell within your heart,
Then, may He grant you happiness
And always, day by day,
May His eternal love be yours 
Along life's future way."

"A year of happy, joyous days, 
With hopes fulfilled
and dreams come true,
And all the best
that life can send,
That is my Easter Wish 
For You!"

"May the solemn Feast 
Christ's Resurrection
be a day of great spiritual joy
with a rich fruition
of Eucharistic graces.
May the love, mercy and tenderness
of Christ's Eucharistic Heart
triumph in your soul
and of those whom you shepherd."

"May He who arose 
at Eastertime
keep you safely in His care
and grant you blessings 
every day
And guide you everywhere."

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