Tuesday 6 January 2015

On the twelfth day of Christmas, ARCAT stored for me…

...twelve illum’nated texts,

Bishops' fonds and Special Collections
AF.158, POAA45.02, POAA45.03, AF.275, AF.075, AF.008, AF.111, RB.30, AF.074, AF.077, PB.04

For the purposes of today's post, illumination refers to gold or silver decoration added to textual material. We have included both hand-illuminated records as well as printed items, where metallic inks have been applied using a mechanical process. From left to right:

  • The first seven are pages from illuminated addresses, which are decorated booklets typically presented to bishops to mark special anniversaries or jubilees. The addresses usually include a biography of the bishop. The first and fifth images were created by noted Toronto artist A. H. Howard for the 25th anniversary of Archbishop Walsh's consecration in 1892.  These pages have small illustrations of St. Peter's Cathedral in London and St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto, respectively.
  • The next two are examples of illuminated, printed books: The Holy Bible and a limited edition of Humanae Salutis, the Apostolic Constitution with which Pope John XXIII solemnly convoked the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council on 25 December 1961.
  • In the bottom left corner are the letters patent registering the 1984 coat of arms of the Archdiocese of Toronto with the College of Arms in England.
  • Next is an illuminated printed certificate naming Archbishop Lynch of Toronto an elected member of the Roman Society of Jusrisconsults in 1879.
  • The last image is a papal bull issued by Pius XI with a decorated initial "P."

eleven saintly medals,

ten ’broidered vestments,

nine document seals,

eight spir’tual bouquets,

seven papal bulls,

six pairs of buskins,

five golden rings,

four photographs,

three mitres,

two maniples,

and a pen used to vote at Conclave.

With the Feast of the Epiphany, the twelve days of Christmas come to an end.  We hope you've enjoyed our artifacts show and tell.  Happy New Year!

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  1. Such a beautiful series superbly presented. Thank you, ARCAT, very much.