Friday 12 February 2016

Family Day Family Photos

Monday is Family Day in Ontario.  It's been eight years since we first observed this statutory holiday.

To celebrate, we offer you some family photos of our former bishops and archbishops of Toronto.

Enjoy your holiday and your family!

Photographs Special Collection, PH09F-01P and PH09F/16P

Left photo: James C. Cardinal McGuigan as a Monsignor with his mother, Anne, and his sister, Mother St. George, C.N.D. (Gertrude), ca. 1927. He was serving as Vicar General in Edmonton at the time.

Right photo:  James C. Cardinal McGuigan with his parents, Annie Monaghan and George H. McGuigan, ca. 1946. The Archbishop of Toronto's choir dress is hand coloured in red, indicating that he has been made a cardinal.

Photographs Special Collection, PH11/07P

Studio family portrait shows Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto Francis V. Allen as a toddler, held by his mother Martha, with older brother Edward and maternal aunt Annie Malcolm, ca. 1911.  Edward was the only sibling who did not enter religious life.

Photographs Special Collection, PH11-13P

All seven Allen siblings, including Edward (in the suit), Murray (centre) and Francis (right).  Three of the four sisters were members of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph. 

Photographs Special Collection, PH14F/06P

Archbishop Philip Pocock as a young boy attending a family wedding.  He is pictured in the front row, right, ca. 1912.

Photographs Special Collection, PH14F/03P and PH14F/04P

Left photo: Young Philip Pocock, holding a cat, with brother Rev. John H. Pocock and one of his sisters, ca. 1915. There were eight children in the family.

Right photo: Archbishop Pocock, as a young priest, with his parents Stephen and Sarah, ca. 1930
Photographs Special Collection, PH18F/162P

G. Emmett Cardinal Carter as a young priest (right). Photographed with his siblings Rev. Alexander Carter and Sister Mary Lenore Carter, s.p., and Sister Mary Bibiana, s.p. (Sister Lenore's companion) at Fourteen Island Lake, ca. 1940s.

Photographs Special Collection, PH18F/163P

Rev. Carter with his mother Minnie at Fourteen Island Lake, 1946.
Photographs Special Collection, PH19F/02P

 Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic (top) as a young man posing with his parents and six siblings. The family came to Canada from Slovenia in 1948 around the time this photo was taken. 

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