Thursday 9 June 2016

International Archives Day 2016: Friendship in the Archives

Happy International Archives Day! This year's theme is Archives, Harmony, and Friendship.

Here in the archives, we have lots of photos of our bishops that show their work and careers. But they were more than just their jobs; they were humans who had friendships. Because we all need friends to...

Chill on the beach with:
Cardinal Carter relaxes with a friend on the beach in Cancun, Mexico.

PH 18F/174CP  

Share a good meal:
Cardinal Carter and friends, including Cardinal Flahiff (right of Carter), enjoy a meal in Rome at the restaurant where Fettuccine Alfredo was invented.

PH 18R/03P

Meet the Pope with:
Cardinal Ambrozic and friends enjoy an audience with Pope Saint John Paul II.

February 21, 1998
PH 19C/147P

Be awed by creation with:
Cardinal Ambrozic (centre) with friends.

PH 19F/01P

Check out ancient history with:
Cardinal Ambrozic sitting with a friend in front of the Coliseum in Rome.

February, 1998
PH 19C/130CP

Pose for posterity with:
Archbishop Pocock and a friend.

PH 14F/16CP

Blow out your birthday candles with:
Cardinal Carter celebrates his 87th birthday with friends.

March, 1999
PH 18B/10CP

We can do all these things alone, but aren't they more fun with friends?

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