Friday 19 August 2016

ARCAT Goes to The Ex

The 2016 Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) -- or The Ex, as we all know it -- opens today in Toronto. This annual tradition, formerly called the Toronto Industrial Exhibition, started in 1879 and is Canada's largest community event. To celebrate the CNE, here are some photographs from ARCAT's collection of other events that have happened on the CNE grounds.

Despite the Canadian military occupying parts of the CNE grounds during World War I, the CNE continued to be held each year. During World War II, however, the entirety of the CNE grounds was used by the military, so the fair was not held during those years. A rally and a mass were held at the Stadium for the soldiers in 1944.

Soldiers' Rally and Mass, CNE Stadium, 1944
Note the ad for cigarettes way in the back at the top of the stadium.

Soldiers' Rally and Mass, CNE Stadium, 1944

Soldiers' Rally and Mass, CNE Stadium, 1944
Note the other interesting ads in the background.

Soldiers' Rally and Mass, CNE Stadium, 1944
Rosary created by humans and sheets

Photo credit: Pringle & Booth Ltd., Toronto


Cardinal McGuigan participated in the Rosary Crusade in Toronto.
Cardinal McGuigan at the Rosary Crusade, CNE Stadium, ca. 1961


Every opening day must have a ceremony!
Archbishop Pocock sits third from right at the opening day ceremonies
at the CNE bandshell, August 15, 1974


Pope John Paul II attended the Polish Rally at the CNE Stadium during his Papal Visit to Canada in 1984.
Pope John Paul II speaks to a large crowd at the Polish Rally,
CNE Stadium, September 14, 1984

Photo credit: Foto Felici, Rome


The CNE runs for 18 days. More information about the CNE, including its long and interesting history, can be found on their website. Let's go to The Ex!

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  1. The Arhdiocese of Toronto should do something like in these pictures again. These huge gatherings at the Ex are so cool!