Friday 7 October 2016

Your Chance to #AskAnArchivist

Wednesday, October 5th, was Ask An Archivist Day. It allowed anyone with a Twitter account the opportunity to ask archives-related questions with the hashtag #AskAnArchivist. Archivists from a number of archives would monitor the questions and reply accordingly.

Archivists are contacted regularly by researchers with all sorts of inquiries, and the Archives of the Archdiocese of Toronto is no different. Many researchers are looking for information for their books or theses. Subjects include but are certainly not limited to religious orders, Catholic education, immigrant populations (Irish, Italian, Polish, etc.), biographies, Toronto history, and cemeteries. Here are a handful of documents that have been found for researchers at this archives.

Copy of a letter to Angus MacDonnell from Bishop Power, December 11, 1844,
in which he mentions a petition of some people in Toronto about the school system

P AA10.06

Letter to the Press from Abp. Lynch on the state of Ireland,
  published in the "Irish Canadian" of February 15, 1883

L AE06.28

Letter to Abp. McNeil from Catherine de Hueck, July 23, 1931

MN AP02.164

Letter from Frances Teresa Ball, the Reverend Mother Superior of Loretto, to Bishop Power, July 20, 1847

Religious Order fonds, Sisters of Loretto (I.B.V.M.), General Correspondence, 1816-1849

Letter from Abp. McEvay to Sir Wilfrid Laurier, June 20, 1908,
in which he talks about Toronto
ME AA02.26

Please visit Twitter here if you'd like to see what archivists got up to on Ask An Archivist Day this year.

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