Friday 8 September 2017

In Memory of Archbishop Pocock

Earlier this week marked the 33rd anniversary of the death of the ninth Ordinary to the Archdiocese of Toronto, the Most Reverend Philip Francis Pocock. The former Archbishop of Toronto died on September 6, 1984, at the age of 78.

Photographs Collection, PH 14/08P

A prayer card that would have been distributed at Archbishop Pocock's funeral mass, September 10, 1984.
Archbishop Pocock joined the Archdiocese of Toronto as Coadjutor Archbishop on February 18, 1961, and succeeded to the See of Toronto upon Cardinal McGuigan’s resignation on March 30, 1971.

As archbishop, Pocock established the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council and Senate of Priests to help manage the transitions that followed Vatican II and created Sharelife to replace the Council of Catholic Charities.

On April 27, 1978, Archbishop Pocock resigned as archbishop and took up residence at St. Mary's Parish in Brampton. Here he remained active as a priest, performing regular parish duties, celebrating mass at elementary schools, confirming students, and visiting a senior citizens' home.
Archbishop Pocock died on September 6, 1984. His funeral took place at St. Michael’s Cathedral on September 10th, and he was interred at Holy Cross Cemetery, Thornhill.

Archbishop Pocock Fonds, PO AA49.02

A handwritten note from Cardinal Carter in response to the outpouring of condolences following Archbishop Pocock's death, 1984

Although his time as See of Toronto was short, Archbishop Pocock has a lasting legacy in the Archdiocese. You can read more about Archbishop's religious life and archdiocesan achievements on our website.


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