Friday 29 December 2017

From Atlantic to Pacific, Gee the Traffic is Terrific

We have heard it said that for the holidays, you can't beat home sweet home, so we know lots of our readers have been on the road this week.

For a local trip, perhaps you took the Harbourfront streetcar past the site of the old Maple Leaf Stadium at Lakeshore and Bathurst? Or maybe the Wellesley bus to Castle Frank Station?

Cardinal McGuigan in a procession for Rosary Hour at Maple Leaf Stadium in 1947.

ARCAT Photo Collection

A TTC bus helping to shuttle crowds during the 1984 papal visit.

ARCAT Photo Collection

For journeys a little farther afield, why not take the train? You get to relax instead of dealing with highway traffic. 

This photo of men beside a train engine originally belonged to Archbishop McNeil.


PH 08/05P
ARCAT Photo Collection

Cardinal McGuigan steps down from a sleeping car on the Canadian National Railway with J.P. Johnson, the railway vice-president.


ARCAT Photo Collection

Cardinal McGuigan accompanied some visiting bishops on a train tour of Canada in 1947. This photo would have been taken somewhere in British Columbia or Alberta.

ARCAT Photo Collection

Maybe you could take the train to the city where you meet the boat for your cruise vacation. It's a nice time of year to be in the tropics!

Cardinal McGuigan and Bishop Allen socialize in the posh lounge on board the R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth. At the time, the boat was the largest ocean liner, operating between New York City and Southampton, England.


ARCAT Photo Collection

Or perhaps you're going to ring in the New Year in style somewhere overseas. Probably best to fly in that case.

Pope Saint John Paul II touches down at Pearson Airport during his 1984 visit and is greeted by Cardinal Carter.

ARCAT Photo Collection

Wherever your holidays take you (Penetanguishene for some homemade pumpkin pie?), and whichever method you choose, safe travels!

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