Friday 16 February 2018

Record of the Week: Lenten Regulations, 1928

In honour of the beginning of Lent, our Record of the Week is a list of Lenten Regulations issued by Archbishop McNeil in 1928.

During Lent, Catholics prepare for Easter through penance, fasting, prayer and almsgiving. These traditions can be traced back to as early as the fourth century, however how they are practiced has undoubtedly changed to reflect local needs and contemporary issues.

The regulations below specify exactly who must fast, when fasting is to be observed, and what must be abstained from, in the boundaries of the Archdiocese of Toronto.

MN AH17.08a

Archbishop McNeil Fonds

 It is interesting to compare these to the Regulations Bishop de Charbonnel issued in 1855. Reading the two side by side, there appears to be a shift in the scope of the regulations. For example, Rule 10a of the Archbishop McNeil regulations suggests some new ways the pious can observe Lent:
"Avoiding all public amusements, such as theatres, moving picture shows, dances, etc." 
You can learn more about how we observe Lent and the Easter season today through the Archdiocese of Toronto's website.

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