Friday 31 August 2018

Five Signs it's Back-to-School Time

It's hard to believe it's been five years since we launched this blog with a back-to-school post!

So, we thought we'd celebrate our Wooden Anniversary with Five Signs it's Back-to-School Time, illustrated with archival photographs from our collection...

Photographs Special Collection, School Series, PH30W/06P

#5: Children in brand new outfits being walked to school by their parents

Photograph of St. Margaret Mary Elementary School, Woodbridge, ca. 1960, by John Sexton for The Catholic Register

Photographs Special Collection, School Series, PH29S/06P

#4: Teachers waiting eagerly in the schoolyard to greet their classes

Photograph of priests (Monsignor Kenneth Robitaille, second from left) and Vincentian Sisters of Charity standing outside the new St. Boniface Elementary School, ca. 1960, by John Sexton for The Catholic Register.

Photographs Special Collection, School Series, PH29S/13P

#3: School Mass held outside or in the gymnasium

Archbishop of Toronto James C. McGuigan celebrates Mass at St. David's Elementary School, Toronto, in 1939.

Photographs Special Collection, School Series, PH29S/27P

#2: School Uniforms

Class photo of the "The Boys' Side" of St. Michael's Elementary School, ca. 1932, when enrollment included both boys and girls. In 1937, it became the home of St. Michael's Choir School for boys.

Unfortunately, the three piece suits with lace collars and boutonnières, as well as the girls' sailor collars seen in the St. David's photo above, have been replaced by the ubiquitous polo shirt. 

Photographs Special Collection, School Series, PH29S/26P

And the #1 sign it's Back-to-School time is...
...bumper to bumper parking during drop-off and pick-up times

Photograph of  St. Michael's Elementary School on Bond St., adjacent to the Cathedral. It now houses part of St. Michael's Choir School.

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