Friday 3 August 2018

Happy Sisters' Day!

The first Sunday of August every year is celebrated around the world as Sisters’ Day. The day is set aside to honour the special bond a person shares with a sister, and all that they do to encourage and motivate us.

The sisterly love Cardinal McGuigan's sister, Mother St. George, C.N.D., had for her brother is tangible in the scrapbook she kept to commemorate his appointment as Archbishop to Toronto. She was clearly proud of all that her brother had accomplished and held those memories, "traced in purple ink", close to her heart.
Scrapbook of Abp. McGuigan 1935 kept by Mother St. George, C.N.D., (The Cardinal's Sister deceased 1951)

ARCAT Scrapbook Collection Box 7 Item #9

"In this scrap book I have preserved memories that will be unforgettable.

My trip to Toronto is traced with purple ink in the depths of my mind. I left Villa Maria Tuesday afternoon March 19 1935 at 2:30pm with Sister Saint Agnes, the mother Superior and my darling Mother to witness the installation of my brother as Archbishop of Toronto. We arrived at Windsor station and boarded the train for Toronto at three o’clock. My dear uncle Father McGuigan and cousin Father Murphy traveled with us. We arrived in Toronto at 9:30pm.

I could never have conceived the joy and happiness that was mine at the installation scene at St. Michael’s Cathedral Wednesday night. Not only did the impressing of the many ceremonials fill my heart and soul with transports of jubilation – but it also gave me a greater appreciation of the grandeur and dignity of Holy Mother Church. Among the most touching incidents apart from the Archbishop’s tribute to his dear Mother was meeting with the Apostolic Delegate who thanked my mother in the name of the Holy Father for giving such a worth son to the church. This took place in my brother’s study, Wednesday p.m., awaiting his arrival.

With Bossuet, I for many, exclaim:  O Holy Roman Church, Mother of Churches, and Mother of all the faithful, to thee do we cling, thee will we ever obey. If I forget this, O Holy Church, let my right hand be forgotten, let my tongue cleave to my jaw, if I do not remember thee, if I do not make thee the beginning of all my joy

ARCAT Scrapbook Collection Box 7 Item #9
Mother St. George arrives to the ceremony with her mother to witness the installation of her brother as Archbishop of Toronto.

ARCAT Scrapbook Collection Box 7 Item #9

 "Spring flowers that decorated tables at Notre Dame Luncheon, Sunday March 24"

ARCAT Scrapbook Collection Box 7 Item #9


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