Friday 8 February 2019

Record of the Week: The Late Pope Pius IX

On February 7th, 1878, Pope Pius IX died. Archbishop Lynch saved the February 16th issue of Canadian Illustrated News commemorating the late pontiff:

The Late Pope Pius IX.

February 16th, 1878

L AJ01.01
Archbishop Lynch Fonds

Pope Pius IX Fast Facts:
  • He was history's longest serving Pope, from June 16th, 1846 to February 7th, 1878.
  • He was the last sovereign of the Papal States, which were seized by the Kingdom of Italy over several years ending in 1870.
  • He was known as 'Pio Nono.'
  • He convened the First Vatican Council, which defined Papal Infallibility.
  • He defined the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception.
  • He brought rail service to the Papal States, and his private rail cars are on display in Rome.
  • He raised Toronto to a metropolitan see in 1870, making Bishop Lynch an Archbishop. 
  • He created 17 dioceses in Canada.  
  • He was the first pope to be formally photographed.
  • He suffered from epilepsy.
  • He was beatified September 3rd, 2000, by Pope Saint John Paul II. 
Read the article inside the newspaper about Pope Pius IX here.

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