Friday 14 February 2014

Record of the Week: Happy Valentine's Day!

When we think of Valentine's Day, we often think of romantic love. However, it is also a time to think about love for our family, friends, neighbours, and even strangers.  At one time we would have called this 'brotherly love,' but today we might say 'altruism,' 'empathy,' 'charity,' 'compassion,' 'mercy,' 'kindness,' 'generosity,' and a whole thesaurus of other words.

The seventh ordinary and fifth Archbishop of Toronto, the Most Reverend Neil McNeil was a leader who embodied many of these words. Below is a handwritten draft of a prayer by Archbishop McNeil asking for the wisdom to understand how to love all people, even enemies. 

O God, Heavenly Father, look down upon Thy children here below. Enlighten our minds that we may see and understand what Thy fatherhood involves for us in brotherhood and in good will as a duty to our neighbor. Thou didst send Thine only begotten Son on earth to teach us the ways of brotherly love. He gave us the ideal and the example of it in His supreme sacrifice. He commanded us to love one another - to love even our enemies, and His apostle tells us that whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer. Heavenly Father, help us to gauge the worth of fellow men, not by what they own, but by what they are; not by our selfish interest, but by their needs and deeds; not by our national or racial feelings, but by their brotherhood in Thee, our Father in Heaven.
(Archbishop Neil McNeil fonds, MN AR01.26)

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