Tuesday 30 December 2014

On the fifth day of Christmas, ARCAT stored for me…

...five golden rings,

Artifacts Special Collection, AF.362, AF.103, AF.354, 2014-004, AF.095

We decided not to get too creative with the lyrics today!

Bishops' rings are considered collective property of the Church. ARCAT stores episcopal rings for the current archbishop, who inherits the previous ordinary's ring collection, in trust, on behalf of the Church. Clockwise from top:

  • Cardinal’s ring, belonged to G. Emmett Cardinal Carter.  Crucifixion scene, with the Madonna and St. John depicted at the foot of the Cross.  When a bishop is elevated to the Sacred College of Cardinals, he receives a Cardinal's ring from the Pope, which replaces his Bishop's ring.  All cardinals elevated under the same pontificate receive identical rings; this is the design issued by Pope John Paul II.
  • Second Vatican Council ring, given to Most. Rev. Philip Pocock while he was Co-adjutor Archbishop of Toronto. Gift from Pope Paul VI in 1965 to all the prelates who had attended the ecumenical council.  The ring is pointed at the top like a mitre. Depicted are three arched niches: Christ in the centre; St. Peter on the left; St. Paul on the right.
  • Episcopal ring, belonged to James Cardinal McGuigan. This large amethyst ring was given to the Cardinal by the Basilian Fathers after he was elevated to the Sacred College of Cardinals in 1946. His coat of arms can be seen on the side, in rose gold.
  • Bishop's ring, belonged to Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic.  The stone is a garnet. Engraved and enameled around the stone are the Greek words "ΚΥΡΙΟΣ ΙΗΣΟΥΣ" meaning Jesus is Lord. This is considered one of the earliest professions of faith in Jesus Christ and was adopted as Cardinal Ambrozic's personal motto. The Latin translation, Jesus est Dominus, appears on his coat of arms.
  • Bishop's ring, belonged to Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto, Pearse Lacey, and Bishop Kidd of London before him.  It is unusual because it has a shell cameo of the Madonna rather than a gem stone. We received this ring after Bishop Lacey died in April of this year. The ring's history was described in a previous post.  

four photographs,


two maniples,

and a pen used to vote at Conclave.

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