Monday 29 December 2014

On the fourth day of Christmas, ARCAT stored for me…

...four photographs,

Photographs Special Collection: PH0002/05P; PH65/331CP; PH24F/21P; PH31P/227AL(35)

While we have more than 6,000 photographs stored in the archives, these four represent significant 2014 anniversaries.  Our most common requests for photographs result from anniversary celebrations. Clockwise from top:
  • All Saints Parish, Etobicoke, turned 50 years old this year. Photo of the church's ground breaking ceremony shows Rev. Martin O'Grady with a shovel while Auxiliary Bishop Francis Allen looks on.
  • We marked 30 years since John Paul II visited the Archdiocese of Toronto during the first Papal Visit to Canada.  The Pope was also canonized this past year. Photo of the pontiff disembarking a military helicopter in Midland, Ontario.
  • Msgr. Vincent Foy celebrated 75 years of ordination to the priesthood in June.  He is the first priest of the archdiocese to reach this milestone. Photographic portrait taken in 1964.
  • The construction of St. Ann's Church, Toronto, was completed a century ago. The first Mass was celebrated by Archbishop McNeil on the feast of St. Ann, July 26, 1914. This photo was taken as part of an archdiocesan property survey in 1914. Piles of construction material and debris can be seen in front of the building.

three mitres,

two maniples,

and a pen used to vote at Conclave.

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