Friday 19 June 2020

So Long... For Now

Dear Readers,

Thank you for enjoying and supporting The Archivist’s Pencil. We have loved bringing you our favourite stories, intriguing mysteries, entertaining letters, and exciting finds. As a team our understanding of the history of the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto and of Catholicism has grown as we have jumped down rabbit-holes of research to share with you.

Although we are no longer posting in this space, we plan to leave it in place so that the community may benefit from the contents, and we hope to be able to share archival material through the Archdiocese of Toronto Blog, Around the Arch soon. Keep an eye out! 

For more information about the archives, visit us at our website here.

All the best,

Happy campers wave from their lakeside perch at Marygrove Camp for Girls, Penetanguishene, Ontario.


PH 73/51P
Rev. John J. Kelly Fonds
ARCAT Photographs Collection

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